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When is the best time to move house?

When is the best time to move house?

News Default Author 2nd September 2021

Whilst many of us have not been able to have a holiday in the sun, lots of people in the UK have enjoyed a staycation. August was a time for family holidays and to recharge the batteries. Now that we’re in September, many of us will be making plans to get our property on the market and focus on what’s ahead. So is this the best time to sell your house?


Confidence in the market

The local market in the Croxley Green area has a strong focus on family houses and therefore school holidays mean seasonal slowdown. It gave us all time to catch our breath and adjust to the new conditions. Traditionally September starts strong with people refreshed from their holidays focussed on getting moved before Christmas and this year is no different. The success of the vaccine rollout, alongside selective reopening of travel corridors and removal of the final Covid-19 restrictions, it is unsurprising that consumer confidence is high. With the IMF bringing positive news and predictions on economic growth, the traditional summer lull was short lived as the market surges into autumn buoyant and confident. There is little suggestion that interest rates will rise soon; and with mortgage rates close to an all-time low, moving is affordable for most.


The importance of marketing

If it was just about fees and commission and selling houses, there would be nothing to choose between estate agents. The fact of the matter is vendors choose agents based on a number of different factors, marketing being one of them. How your property is showcased and marketed is everything. We live in a society now where the vast majority of online content is viewed on a mobile phone; you have very little time to impress a buyer scrolling through online listings. As well as taking a high number of professional photos on all the best websites, at James Estate agents we place huge emphasis on our clients with lots of additional marketing benefits.


Choose the right agent

We set the bar high at James, for us it’s not just about taking photos and valuing the house. Our expertise allows us to really focus on what your house has to offer. For example our team have an innate knowledge of the Hertfordshire area such as local schools and transport links plus proximity to restaurants and pubs. We understand the best way to showcase your property and target the right buyers. We feel that viewings are an opportunity for learning and growth. So whilst we ensure the vendor feels secure by offering fully accompanied viewings, we also make sure that we accurately convey the feedback. It not only helps us to communicate with the vendor but it enables us to learn about what buyers are looking for. This is how we evolve our marketing and improve training for staff.

So when is the best time to move house? There’s no time like the present, September! Come and see how we can support you.

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