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How does an estate agent help?

How does an estate agent help?

News Default Author 26th October 2021

If you think the job of an estate agent is just to list and sell your property then you are using the wrong estate agent. To ensure you meet best practice both in property sales and customer service, a good estate agent should offer so much more than photographs and showing potential buyers around. We explore some of the other elements to buying a property that an estate agent can help with.


We Don’t Just List Your Property

There is lots to organize when you decide to move house and our experience enables us to point you in the right direction. First and foremost, you need the funds to move in and finding out what is financially viable is important so we help buyers arrange their mortgages. We know that you need access to the right financial plan to meet your needs and can help you find the right mortgage for you. We understand what a big financial undertaking this is so only work with fully trained mortgage advisors and reputable lenders.


Enhance Conveyancing Support

There is a raft of paperwork and legal issues involved when transferring the legal ownership of a property from one person to another. Conveyancing solicitors will arrange surveys, property searches, contract exchanges and purchase completion. You need a conveyancing solicitor that is experienced and responsive. We have built strong relationships with property conveyancers over the years to ensure we are only recommending the most reliable professional practices.


Help And Support Buying Your Next Property

Clearly when you list a property, you’re going to need somewhere else to go to. Getting your property on the market and sold is the first step but then you need to move quickly in finding your next home. We build a relationship with the people that use us and because we take the time to get to know them and understand their needs. We can help them make the next step quickly. Sound knowledge of the area including amenities, schools and transport links put us in prime position to help you find your next property.


Property Survey Advice Service

We know that a survey can throw up questions about a property. Once you’ve found your dream property, you want to check that all underneath the surface is as it appears so a survey will be necessary. We are on hand to give you advice and help negotiate between you and the vendor. We use reputable companies that we have worked alongside for years to ensure surveys are thorough and professional.


Moving Day

Finally when the big day comes, you want to be sure that the move goes smoothly and we can point you in the direction of professional removal firms. Our experience over the years means we have formed relationships with a reliable network of suppliers to help make everything run like clockwork. Nothing is too much work for our team, we even helped arrange the moving of £120,000 of exclusive Koi Carp for a client recently. All in a day's work at James Estate agents!


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