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Why you can trust james

Why you can trust james

News Default Author 3rd June 2021

Of course we would say “you can trust us” because we know what we are all about. We know the core values that underpin everything we do but we respect that engaging an agent for the first time with such a big decision as letting your property feels risky. Using your property as a business income can be an emotive time, what you want is for that process to feel smooth, without stress and handled professionally. So what sets us apart from other letting agents?


Valuations you can trust

The rental valuation of the property is an important part of the letting process. There are professional qualifications, guidance and best practice that we follow to ensure our properties are rented out at the correct value. Overinflating rental costs serves nobody. For the agent, it can mean the property stays on the market longer and prevents a continual flow of stock for instruction. From the landlord point of view, they experience disappointment if their property stays vacant for a long time or isn’t let at the rent they thought it would achieve. That in turn generates a level of mistrust. That is why at James Estate Agents we make sure your property is marketed correctly right from the start.


Personal recommendation

When people experience brilliant service they tend to tell everyone they know about how great it was. Equally when the customer care has been below par, everyone hears about it. At James Estate Agents we want our landlords to come away knowing we worked hard not just to let their property but to build a relationship with them. For our team this excellence begins right in the very first encounter. A customer first approach is at the centre of everything we do. But you don’t need to just listen to us, read what people say about their experience with us on our homepage.


Proven local knowledge

There is no substitute for good local knowledge with letting listings. When tenants are house hunting they are not just interested in the cost or location. Renters always have lots of questions such as where is the nearest green space, what are the local schools like, where are the nearest shops or even the closest pub. Of course you can look on the map and find out all this information but an agent with up-to-date knowledge of the local area is worth their weight in gold. We have insight into the Croxley Green and wider Hertfordshire area that will ensure your property is shown to the right prospective tenants.


Go with your gut

The saying use your gut instinct is often used. What do we really understand by that? We can research all we like, read reviews, talk to friends and family but ultimately decisions are made by us. When you encounter a person or a business you have an immediate understanding or intuition about them. You don’t need to think or ask anyone else you just know so trust yourself on who you use. We know that first impressions count so come and see us.

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