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News Default Author 15th February 2021

Despite this challenging environment, we are open for business in the Croxley Green area and available to help you sell or rent your property…


Is there still property demand?

Over the past year things may have been more confusing than normal, however we are still finding there is as much demand for high-quality homes and buildings as ever before.

One of our properties in West Watford recently attracted 27 viewings and received 15 offers. Resulting in a sale agreed within 2 weeks of initial marketing, at a price in excess of the asking price. This example helps us confirm that demand is good and buyers are keen to purchase well priced high-quality properties.

In addition to our West Watford property, another property in Harvey Road has also received 31 viewings and received 22 offers within 3 weeks and agreed a sale at a price £30,000 in excess of the marketing price and this reflects the very good demand and desire to get completed before the March stamp duty Deadline.

It is difficult to say how much of this demand is driven by the Stamp Duty holiday. However, there is no doubt there are people delaying selling because of the COVID risk, leading to a limited amount of properties going on the market being in high demand.


Virtual tours available

If you are interested in viewing one of our properties we have a new Smart Viewing Tool that allows people to showcase properties with guided tours in real-time, allowing you to find out more details about the home. Contact James to arrange a virtual viewing when you have found the perfect home.

If you are serious about purchasing the property, you may want to arrange a viewing in person. Physical meetings and viewings can still take place but should be avoided where possible, they must only be made when a buyer is serious about purchasing a property and must be by appointment only. Estate agents should inform buyers of their Covid-19 procedures before any physical meeting takes place, even when the agent is not present for the viewing.


Talk To James

We know that the selling and letting process can be complicated, especially at the moment, but we try our hardest to be helpful, open, honest and offer as much help and advice as we can. Guiding you through the property journey in a way that you will not endure, but enjoy.

So if you’re considering a move in 2021, or would like a free valuation give James a call and know you are being taken care of by one of the best agents in the area…

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