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News August 13, 2021

Common myths about tenants and landlords

It’s time to dis-spell some myths about letting your property out to tenants. Too many people are sitting on a property that could be a goldmine for income and not doing anything with it because they have heard horror stories about renting out property. The bad stuff really is isolated but, people only seem to remember the negatives not the many positives.


Payment problem

It's every landlord's worry that the tenant will not pay the rent. Most reputable letting agencies will ensure scrupulous credit checks have been carried out on finance and references secured. By dealing with an agent they have the letting knowledge which means they are available for advise should your tenant fall into arrears. Everyone focuses on the worst case scenario but in reality most tenants are decent people who take responsibility for their agreement and outgoings.


Damage to property

Damage to your property is something that might play on the mind of the landlord. This is after all yours and clearly you want to safeguard it. Aside from vetting potential tenants with references, agents take a security deposit and an inventory of the property condition at the start of the tenancy. It warrants highlighting that landlords and letting agents are entitled to and should perform inspections. This allows them to ensure the condition and maintenance is keep to a standard, rather than waiting to the end of the tenancy. It’s worth remembering that most tenants need the deposit to take forward to another rental and will do everything in their power to ensure it is returned to them.


All letting agents are the same

Nothing could be further from the truth. As with any industry there will be some that are better than others. People buy people and much of the time we receive good value through service rather than price point. As a landlord you will form a relationship with the agent that is right for you and therefore you will go on instinct and choose the right agent for your property. Obviously we hope you choose us because the way we serve our clients is something we are very passionate about.

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