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News June 3, 2021

2021 is the year to sell your house

With the government extending the stamp duty holiday until the end of September there’s never been a better time to get your property on the market. The stamp duty holiday can mean some serious savings on buying your dream home. With a buoyant market and restrictions lessening each week, the roadmap out of lockdown and confidence in the economy has been boosted in the last few weeks. This is the ideal time to jump on that confidence and get your property up for sale so that you can start looking for your ideal home.


2021 is the year to sell your house

So why should you sell your property right now? Aside from stamp duty savings, property is moving very quickly which means as the weather warms up you could feasibly see yourself sold and in your new home before the end of summer. A speedy sale always feels less stressful and when professionally handled by the team at James, you are on to a winner.


Favourable housing market conditions

The property market is showing that now is a great time to put your house up for sale. The UK house price index uses data from government sources and HM land registry. It’s showing an upward trend month on month and on its annual figures which are up around 8%. The economy is also showing early signs of recovering far more quickly than we predicted which in turn increases consumer confidence. Whilst our lifestyle may change, one thing is certain: the Hertfordshire and Watford area will always be a desirable place to live ensuring properties will continue to sell.


Downsize and release some equity

The world has completely changed from 2020 through to 2021. We have all had time to reflect on how we live throughout the pandemic and what we wanted 18 months ago may not now suit our needs. Always fantasised about living further away from outer London? If you want a quieter life in the country for example, you may now have the chance for that to become a reality. Maybe the London commute is no longer for you and you see yourself mowing a generous lawn in a quieter location. You could pick anywhere in the country now and feasibly leave yourself a chunk of money and some freedom.


Changes in working conditions

Whilst some people have always had the option to work remotely, the pandemic has been a complete game changer in regard to needing to be in your workplace. Provided you have a decent Wi-Fi connection there is no reason now to be geographically located in proximity to your place of work. Zoom, Teams and Google Meet have all become the norm now. It has meant greater global reach in business as we have adapted to not flying but it also means the lengthy commute does not have to happen for everyone. The world is your oyster as they say so get your property on the market and go live your dream!

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